For top-notch, custom van and campervan conversion kitchens in Blackpool, turn to the experts at Jolly’s Campers

At Jolly’s Campers, we provide complete supply and fitting services, offering high-quality kitchen units crafted from lightweight yet sturdy plywood.

Our specialty lies in creating compact and convenient camper kitchens with exquisite craftsmanship!

A campervan offers unparalleled freedom, and once you experience the liberating feeling of traveling the open road and camping under the stars, you might become truly captivated.

However, one common challenge during extended road trips is the limited dining options and the difficulty of preparing food in a confined space. This is where our campervan kitchens shine.

Crafted with expertise using lightweight, double-sided furniture plywood, our campervan kitchen pods are designed to maximize worktop space and storage in a compact layout. They provide all the convenience and comforts of home while you’re on the move!

Campervan kitchens

Campervan kitchens

Our campervan kitchens are made of lightweight yet durable units, delivered as complete pieces ready for installation. There's no need for assembly or finishing.

Campervan kitchen parts

Campervan kitchen parts

We offer an extensive selection of spare parts for your kitchen pod, including sinks, handles, hinges, drawers, and shelves.

Look at our Gallery

Look at our Gallery

Explore examples of the kitchen units we've provided and installed in van conversions and campervans throughout the UK.

With 30 years of experience in campervan and van conversions for short and long wheelbase vans.

Based in our Blackpool workshop, Jolly’s Campers takes pride in specializing in the construction and distribution of kitchen pods for campervan enthusiasts all across the country.

We offer personalised kitchen solutions tailored to your preferences.

Compatible with a wide range of makes and models, including VW campers, Ford Transits, and Vauxhall Vivaros.

Crafted from sturdy double-sided plywood.

We construct, provide, and install.

Over 30 years of expertise in campervan conversions.

Our campervan conversion kitchens are meticulously designed with a focus on detail, durability, aesthetics, and user-friendliness. Contact Jolly’s Campers now at:

07891 257052